EPF Seminars

We have held six environmental seminars over the last two years; three of which, No.8, 9 and 10, were supported by the Osaka Community Foundation and the TOYO Environmental Protection Foundation.

EPF Seminar, Downtown Sendai
The main theme of the series was the environment and the people in areas surrounded by mountains, rivers and oceans. It is of great importance that we take into consideration the hyper-connected relationship between mountains, rivers and seas. We have reviewed it from such perspectives as farming and fishing as well as the current global status quo, taking as an example the Philippine organic farming.

The each EPF seminar is entitled:

  • 6. "From the Rias Coastline" April 10, 1999;
  • 7. "Our Environment, Examples from Kahoku-town, Kitagami River, Nagatsuraura" August 28, 1999;
  • 8. "Our Environment -relations between Sea, River and Mountain" Symposium," November 6, 1999;
  • 9. "Our Environment -Conservation Action in Agricultural Regions" Symposium, January 2000;
  • 10. "World Status-quo of the Agricultural Environment" April 7, 2000;
  • 11. "Observation Tour -microorganism in rice paddies" July 15, 2000.

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